Time Line of Anglo-Portuguese Relations

  • 1834

    The quadruple alliance between Portugal, Great Britain, France and Spain where the parties agreed to militarily put an end to the respective civil wars with D. Miguel and D. Carlos in Portugal and Spain. In May of this year the Convention of Évora Monte was signed ending the civil war with D. Miguel’s defeat and exile . The British Consul Grant was present at the signature. D. Miguel then left Portugal from Sines to Genoa on board the Royal Navy frigate "Stag".

  • 1835

    George Borrow, a Protestant missionary, comes to Portugal and Spain and publishes in 1842 his “The Bible in Spain” which has many accounts of his experiences in Portugal.

  • 1836

    Sir George Rose Sartorius, who had fought at Trafalgar (1805), commanded the Portuguese liberal fleet during the civil war. He was replaced by Sir Charles Napier. Sartorius received the titles of Viscount of Piedade (1836) and latter Viscount of Mindello (1845) and Count of Penha Firme (1853). He became an Admiral in the Royal Navy.

  • 1845

    Five London bankers were ennobled by Portuguese kings in the XIX century, due to their help in organizing international loans. Isaac Goldsmid created Baron de Goldsmid and da Palmeira in 1845. Dennis Samuel in 1855 as Baron Diniz de Samuel. Herman Stern as Baron Stern in 1864 and his brother David as Viscount Stern in 1870 and finally Henry Bishoffsheim was honored with the title of Viscount Bishoffsheim in 1873.

  • 1846

    D. Miguel, the Absolutist king from 1828 to 1834, brother of D. Pedro (“The War of the Two Brothers”) after his exile first in Rome, then lived in England for five years in London and Bexhill in Sussex. He visited the Great Exhibition in 1851. D. Miguel went to Bavaria in this same year and married. He briefly returned to London in 1862.

  • 1854

    King D. Pedro V and his brother who became King D. Luis visit London and stay at Buckingham Palace where their portraits were painted by Winterhalter and are now part of the royal collection.

  • 1854

    D. Pedro V (1837-1860) is made a Knight of the Garter and his stall plate is in St. Georges Chapel, Windsor.

  • 1855

    First meeting of the Oporto Cricket Club takes place in Vila Nova de Gaia. It is the oldest cricket club on the continent of Europe.

  • 1858

    James Mason received a 50 year copper mining concession in São Domingos near Mértola (Mason & Barry). He was created Baron of Pomarão in 1866 and elevated to Viscount Mason de São Domingos in 1868. The mine closed in 1965.

  • 1858

    D. Pedro V (1837-1861) appointed Knight of the Garter on this date and invested at Belém Palace by a special delegation. His stall plate is in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. Queen Victoria was very fond of him (his father was a first cousin of Prince Albert).