Time Line of Anglo-Portuguese Relations

  • 1386

    John of Gaunt arrives in Galicia with his family and army to claim the throne of Castille. He meets the king of Portugal D. João I on the river Minho, negotiates the invasion of Castile and arranges the marriage of his daughter Philippa to the Portuguese king. They are married in the cathedral of Oporto.

  • 1394

    Henry the Navigator born in the Rua dos Ingleses in Oporto, third son of Philippa and João and was named after his English uncle King Henry IV.

  • 1400

    D. João I (1356-1433), king of Portugal and married to Philippa of Lancaster (1359-1415), daughter of John of Gaunt (1340-1399), was nominated Knight of the Garter in 1400 by his brother-in-law Henry IV. He was appointed to the vacancy left by Sir William Arundel.

  • 1410

    Beatriz, illegitimate daughter of king D. João I, is married to Thomas Fitz Alan, Seventh Earl of Arundel and her tomb with her recumbent statue is found next to her husband's in the chapel of Arundel Castle. Her also illegitimate brother Afonso was the 1st Duke of Bragança.

  • 1415

    The year of Azincourt and the Portuguese conquest of Ceuta in north Africa. Phillipa of Lancaster dies of the plague in Odivelas near Lisbon.

  • 1427

    The Infante D. Pedro (1392-1449), brother of D. João I (1356-1433) was appointed Knight of the Garter in 1427 and installed by proxy in 1428. He was killed at the battle of Alfarrobeira.

  • 1435

    D. Duarte, King of Portugal, obtains confirmation of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance from Henry VI.

  • 1435

    King D. Duarte (1391-1438) son of Queen Philippa of Lancaster (1359-1415) was appointed Knight of the Garter in 1435. His stall plate (nr. 149) can be seen in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor but some dispute it is his. He succeeded to his father’s vacancy.

  • 1439

    Alliances with England again confirmed between D. Afonso V of Portugal and Henry VI, last of the house of Lancaster.

  • 1442

    Infante D. Henrique (1394-1460) also known as Henry the Navigator, Duke of Vizeu was a son of Queen Philippa of Lancaster (1359-1415). Appointed Knight of the Garter in 1442. He succeeded to the vacancy of Sir Simon Feldbridge.