Publications - BHSP

Title Author Price Status
São Lourenço Palace – English edition José Leite Monteiro €10,00
The British Assembly in Lisbon Agostinho Araújo € 3,00
The British Cemetery in Lisbon Robert Howes € 5,00
The British Charitable Funds D.C. d’Arcy Orders € 2,00
The British Community Council, Lisbon D.C. d’Arcy Orders Free
The British Hospital in Lisbon A.H. Norris € 5,00
The Elusive Baron: the Life of Andrew Vincent Patterson Lionel Alves €2,50
The English College, Lisbon W. Haeburn Little (illustrator) €5,00
The Journal of Major William Stewart 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot, September 1810-May1811 Edited by Robert Bremner in conjuction with the BHSP €10,00
The Lines of Torres Vedras (with maps) A.H. Norris & R.W.Bremner €5,00
The Lisbon Players D.C. d’Arcy Orders €3,00
The Portuguese Knights of the Order of the Garter Manuel Côrte-Real € 3,00
The Residence of the British Ambassador at Lisbon T.A. Bull € 5,00
The Royal British Club, limited edition hardback € 12,50
The Royal British Club, limited edition soft cover €7,50
The Tagus Golf Society D.C. d’Arcy Orders € 1,50
The W.R.V.S. D.C. d’Arcy Orders € 2,00
They Went to Portugal Luisa Alves Free
Towards the History of the Municipality of Cascais in the Middle Ages A.H. Oliveira Marques Free
Treaty of Windsor Catálogo da Exposição Comemorativa € 1,50