A British School in Lisbon. About 1816


            In the course of recent investigations in the Torre do Tombo I found some unpublished documents relating to a «British College» in Lisbon about 1816, of which so far nothing was known.  My object is to publish these documents, with a short commentary, as they seem important for the study of at least the British educational institutions in Lisbon and the biographies of some foreign, specially English, residents.

            Due to the well-directed efforts of the Historical Association, Lisbon Branch, it was found that the English Factory at Lisbon built its first Chapel in 1815, facing the Necessidades Palace in the Largo do Rilvas (1 ), and that the first clerk to the Chapel was a certain Mr. John Paterson, who received the annual salary of 25 moidores and was allowed to reside with his family on the premises (2 ).

Dr. A. de Oliveira Cabral
HA 10
subject matter: 
Schools and Other Institutions