"Forma Sive Ordinatio" The Evora Coronation Codex


     There was recently brought to the notice of the present writer the existence of an interesting document in the Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Distrital de Evora. The very title was sufficient to arouse curiosity and to warrant a journey to Evora, and an occasion presented itself a few weeks later for a preliminary examination of the document in question.

     We found a codex in the section «Diversos Papéis: Grande Britanha»: an illuminated manuscript of eighty pages, numbered in forty leaves. It is strongly bound, in skin on boards, and the binding seems to be original. The size of the pages is 23.5 centimetres by 15.7 centimetres. The script, of a singularly beautiful type and very regular, is black, but alternates with the vermillion of frequent and somewhat lengthy rubrics, and the black of the script and the red of the rubrics gives a very pleasing effect. There are many well coloured and remarkably fresh illuminations serving as capitals

J. J. Crowley
HA 2
subject matter: 
Middle-Ages and the Renaissance