Membership of the BHSP

Those wishing to become a member should write to:

The British Historical Society
C/o: St. Julian's School,
Quinta Nova,
2776-601 Carcavelos, Portugal.

The benefits of Membership are:

  • You receive all the Society's announcements, either by normal post or by e-mail;
  • You may participate in all BHSP initiatives such as trips, lectures and visits;
  • You receive yearly, free of charge, the Society's Annual Report which includes a number of articles on Anglo-Portuguese history;
  • You receive a complimentary copy, or the chance to acquire, all the Society's other publications;
  • You have real or electronic access to the Society's library and archive.
  • For Joining Fees and Yearly Subscription prices, please download the Membership Application Form.

Membership is not limited to British nationals but a good knowledge of English is an advantage since this is the Society’s lingua franca.